Choosing the Perfect Trumpet

Whether you are selecting your first trumpet or looking to replace an old friend that has come to the end of its lifespan, choosing the perfect trumpet can be difficult. After all, there are a lot of different types of trumpet to choose from as well as a number of high quality brands. So where do you start in your challenge?

Trumpet brands

There are many top names in music instruments who make their own trumpets. Companies such as Yamaha, Getzen and Bach trumpets all produce a variety of instruments. This allows the new player to find the perfect instrument to start with while more experienced players can choose from a range of instruments that suit their style and requirements. Some companies also offer a service where players can customise their instrument, as they require. This involves taking a basic instrument, then customising it including with elements such as boring, bell and mouthpipe tapers.

For complete beginners, it is also worth considering a good quality secondhand instrument. These offer the chance to get a great trumpet at a lower price and may be a good option for those who aren’t sure if it will be the one for them going forward.

Types of trumpet

But what if this is your first trumpet and you are a little uncertain what type you require? There are a number of different types of trumpets available, but the most popular ones are the best place to start.

  • The B♭ trumpets are the most commonly used and have a warm tonal quality that works across many types of music, from jazz to pop and classical styles. It is also the most popular for the beginner as there is the biggest volume of music written for it.
  • Bass trumpets tend to be type chosen by trombonists and are also popular with a number of well-known players. They have the same pitch as the trombone with the music written in the treble clef. Slide trumpets are a variation within this category.
  • The C trumpet is becoming more popular, particularly in orchestras where it is used alongside the B♭ trumpets. It is a whole tone higher, with a smaller body. The E trumpets are higher again in tone and are popular in orchestras playing compositions.
  • Finally, the piccolo trumpet is the style used in baroque music and is tuned one octave above the standard B♭ trumpet. It also has an additional leadpipe and fourth value, giving it even more versatility than other types.

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